Metalocalypse: Army of Doomstar for HBOMAX / Titmouse

Beavis and Butthead for P+ / Titmouse

Chicago Party Aunt for Netflix / Titmouse

Mao Mao for CN / Titmouse

"Hallucinate" Dua Lipa MV for Youtube / Titmouse

The Harper House for P+ / Titmouse

Coffee Crush for Youtube/Titmouse (Creator)

Sonic Mania Adventures

SEGA's internationally beloved character Sonic the Hedgehog in a webseries following his adventures during the time passing around the game Sonic Mania Plus!

Team Sonic Racing: Overdrive for Youtube / SEGA

Goldie and Bear for Disney Jr. / Titmouse

Ballmastrz: 9009 for [adult swim] / Titmouse

animals. for HBO / Starburns Industries

Legends of Chamberlain Heights for CC / Bento Box Entertainment

Hot Streets for [adult swim] / Stoopid Buddies

Gang Related (2014) for FX / Fox Studios

2400 Club (2014) for Youtube / USC

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