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Cel La Flaca (he/him)
Los Angeles, CA, US 90036
IATSE / TAG 839 Member
Storyboard Artist / Revisionist | Illustrator


10+ years In film and television, Including live action and animation projects. Knows and works with development, pre-production, production, and post-production workflows/procedures.

# of Years

2+ years storyboard / revisionist 
4+ years design / retake animator 
10+ years production / screenwriting / development


University of Southern California: School of Cinematic Arts

Cum Laude '15 

Relevant Softwares

Storyboard Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Animate/Flash, Clip Studio Paint, Harmony, Media Encoder, Google Suite, AVID

Selected Storyboard Panels

NOTE: Sample panels below are from personal works. Current professional samples are under NDA and thus are not openly displayed on the work sample section of the portfolio site nor below. Please email to discuss testing or possible viewings.

Coffee Crush (2020)

Possession Study (2021)

Werner Herzog x Nintendo Switch Ad (2023)

逆転裁判 (2023)

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