Self Truth (2023)

Dale Cooper speaking into his tape recorder; Twin Peaks

Cooper (2020)

Valentine (2023)

Gyakuten Kenji / Ace Attorney Investigation 2 shushing in jail

Dorami (2023)

Corkscrew (2023)

Big O submarine characters anime

The Big O (2021)

"MFSFOAT" Book Cover  (2022)

Twin Peaks Fire Walk with Me angel prayer

FWWM Angel (2021)

Les Yeus San Visage  / Eyes without a Face girl holding phone

青いブリンク (2023)

Laura Palmer on  a bed ; Twin Peaks Fire Walk with Me

Laura's Room (2021)

Ace Attorney Investigation 2

Gyakuten Kenji Scene II (2021)

Kite weilding a scythe

Kaiji V. The Bog (2023)

Gon standing with his back to camera

Finding Friends (2023)

Donna Hayworth smoking a cigarette in a diner

Donna Hayworth (2020)

Laura Palmer holding her face

I Don't Want to Talk (2021)

Mitsurugi men standing back to back

Double Kenji (2020)

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