Laura Palmer on  a bed ; Twin Peaks Fire Walk with Me

Laura's Room (2021)

Dale Cooper speaking into his tape recorder; Twin Peaks

Cooper (2020)

Big O submarine characters anime

The Big O (2021)

"Most Famous Short Film of All Time" book cover  (2022)

Twin Peaks Fire Walk with Me angel prayer

FWWM Angel (2021)

Ace Attorney Investigation 2

Gyakuten Kenji Scene II (2021)

Donna Hayworth smoking a cigarette in a diner

Donna Hayworth (2020)

Doraemon Commission (2020)

Pinup for Constantino comic (2022)

Mitsurugi men standing back to back

Double Kenji (2020)

Gon standing with his back to camera

Gon San (2020)

Gyakuten Kenji / Ace Attorney Investigation 2 shushing in jail

Gyakuten Kenji Scene I (2021)

Fighting Gold (2020)

Kite weilding a scythe

Kite (2020)

Les Yeus San Visage  / Eyes without a Face girl holding phone

Yeux San Visage - Pink (2019)

Laura Palmer holding her face

I Don't Want to Talk (2021)

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